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Community Informational Meeting on the History of Water Planning
July 28, 2010 from 6:30- 8:30 PM
Santa Cruz Police Community Room, Santa Cruz

Our second in a series of community informational meetings was held on July 28, 2010 and focused on the History of Water Planning.

Has the City of Santa Cruz built any new water system infrastructure since the 1970’s?  Did Soquel Creek Water District ever consider drawing water off Soquel Creek? Learn why desalination was identified as the preferred alternative for supplementing our water supply to address drought and groundwater overdraft. An overview of the integrated water planning process and the various projects that have been evaluated was also presented.

Presenters included: 

Bill Kocher, City of Santa Cruz Water Department

Laura Brown, Soquel Creek Water District Conservation/Customer Service Field Manager

Question and Answer Session followed with Bill Kocher, Laura Brown, Mike Rotkin (Mayor, CIty of Santa Cruz) and Dan Kriege (Board Member, Soquel Creek Water District).

Meeting Materials

Video Footage of Meeting

  • This meeting was taped by Community TV of Santa Cruz.  To view this on-line, click here

Future Community Informational Meetings to be held in 2010:

  • Recycled water- what are the opportunities and limitations for our community to incorporate recycled water in our water supply portfolio?
  • Marine Issues  with Desalination –what design considerations for the intake and discharge will be incorporated to minimize or prevent marine impacts associated with the project?
  • Energy and Cost- how much energy will the proposed desalination project require and how much will it cost?

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