Desal- Even with Conservation

Our Customers are Doing a Great Job at Conserving

Water conservation is the cornerstone of the SCWD and SqCWD diversified water portfolios. It’s a matter of pride that, on average, our customers use less water than most California residents and businesses. For years, our customers have been actively and measurably conserving water.

Conservation  Doesn't "Close the Gap"

But doing a good job of conserving our existing water resources does not eliminate the need for new water supplies. Our Integrated Water Plans incorporate our robust conservation programs and help make the water shortage gap smaller- but do not eliminate it.


The Bottom Line

Both agencies will continue to evaluate and implement new water saving programs and encourage the use of more water efficient technologies and devices that will stretch our existing water supplies and reduce the amount of supplemental supply that is required.

The bottom line is we can’t sustain the local economy, environmental values, quality of life, and health and safety without supplementing our surface and ground water resources.

Did you know?

  • Conservation Programs: The City and District currently offer numerous conservation rebates and incentives to their customers that include, but aren’t limited to, free on-site water surveys, rebates/incentives for toilets, urinals, front-load washers,  and rain barrels and cisterns.   For a complete list of incentives, click here (City information is organized by residential, commercial, and landscape) and here (for District information).  Both agencies also offer a suite of free conservation items such as showerheads, faucet aerators, garden shut-off nozzles, shower timers, and garden hose timers. 
  • The Integrated Water Plans include Conservation, Curtailment and a Supplemental Supply: Both Agencies have been evaluating a supplemental supply for over 20+ years and desalination was selected as the preferred option to continue evaluating.  The Integrated Water Plans include conservation, curtailment and desalination.  For more information, click here.
  • Santa Cruz is in need of a supplemental source of water:  to meet water needs during drought conditions as well as to protect threatened and endangered species.  For more information, click here.
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