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Anti-desal group sticks to the facts

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12/13/13

In a guest editorial, Santa Cruz Water Commissioner Donna Meyers referred to a "barrage of misinformation and drama" from critics of desalination. I ask that anyone who thinks that Desal Alternatives has published inaccurate information contact us with the information you believe is inaccurate, and we will carefully consider it for correction. For a set of fact-based critiques of the desal Draft EIR, I refer readers to the website, which has published comments from state and federal fisheries agencies; from engineers Dana Ripley, Peter Haase, Fred Yukic, Bob Minardi, Bill Smallman, Jerome Paul; Dell Elliot; engineer and former city Public Works Director Wilson Fieberling; engineer and former city Water Department Associate Director John McGuire; former city Superintendent of Water Production James Bentley; former city Water Department chemist Deb Wirkman; and scientists Carol Reeb, Zach Schesinger and Dustin Mulvaney.

Rick Longinotti, Santa Cruz

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