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Reduce fossil fuel use -- how?

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12/12/12

Brent Haddad's guest editorial, "Desal Could Be Part of the Answer to Global Warming," raises an important question.

In our world that has become so dependent on fossil fuels for every aspect of our way of life, how do we cut back on our greenhouse gases? To address that question, we need to distinguish between burning fossil fuels for purposes such as health and safety, and burning them for other purposes such as keeping golf course fairways green during a 90 year drought. The latter is a city of Santa Cruz goal, that water customers will never have to curtail their use by more than 15 percent, even in a drought such as that which occurred in 1977.

What can we do, aside from burning 10 times the electricity per gallon of water, to reduce the impact of the severest droughts? If you would like to be part of that conversation, contact

Rick Longinotti, Santa Cruz

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