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Santa Cruz doesn't share well with others

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12/4/12

It's been a spectacular fall storm, lots of water -- almost as amazing as Soquel's plan to run a desalination plant all winter long during this kind of weather. It's not because there isn't an engineering solution that could provide for regional use of this abundant winter water, it is because Santa Cruz has in the past refused to allow any discussion of sharing its unused winter supply. Now they are reluctantly considering temporary plans to share, but nothing long term. I guess Soquel will just have to pay $2,000 to $3,000 per million gallons of desalinated water while Santa Cruz pays $170 per million gallons for "its" abundant runoff. If you think this is unfair to the community and the environment, you are right. You need to let your council person, commissioner and/or district director know how you feel.

Jan Bentley, Santa Cruz


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