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Leave desalination 'on the table,' please

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12/2/13

I can't believe that our governing body is even considering "taking desalination off the table" because there is a vocal group against it. I think that it should stay in consideration as a possible solution, in combination with other solutions. The Council needs to exercise leadership, not just fold up under criticism. Desalination has been used in many places, and should be evaluated and considered by experts, not discarded because a vocal group of people that think that they know what's best for everyone. Let it be considered by the experts working on our water problem solutions, and it will stand or fall on its own merits.

We can shift around all the water that we have, but that doesn't solve the problems of salt water incursion into over-taxed aquifers, fish habitat water releases from Loch Lomond, low rainfall, etc. Why throw out a perfectly viable alternative?

Roger Vortman, Santa Cruz

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