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Water committee won't solve anything

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/26/13

What happens with water in this county will directly affect all of us and define the future of this region. I believe that the issues of water supply, water management, and disposal of waste water are all deeply inter-related with each other as well as with general environmental and economic concerns. A puzzle with many pieces.

I also firmly believe that determination of technical solutions needs to be left in the purview of technicians who understand their respective crafts. It takes a long time to fully grasp the nuances of what works and what doesn't work in any field. Assigning a bunch of amateurs to the part time duty of understanding the big picture elements related to our water supply issues and determining the feasibility of solutions is a fools errand.

Further, citizen's committees become about the politics surrounding an issue, not the technical and practical feasibility of any set of solutions. Already there is lobbying being done to stack the "right voices" on the committee. These voices have already made up their minds what result they want. How can this then be an open-minded exploration of the larger issues?

My difficulty with how this issue (and others) has been handled in the county has always been that these discussions are not dialogs. Few come to learn, most only to lecture. And the current path does not leave me with the feeling that this "horse designed by committee" will not look like a camel.

Rick Kaiser, Santa Cruz

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