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Measure P a big deal

Letter to the Editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/14/22

Three cheers to Santa Cruz voters for passing Measure P. This takes a significant step in ensuring a community vote on our water future. As a charter amendment it enshrines into our local city charter. It is a big deal and Santa Cruz voters agreed! Our water future deserves this kind of attention. The ratepayers now want to hear more debate and see our water department pursue more alternatives before building an almost $150 million desalination plant. The Measure P vote was a respectful, full-throated request to STOP spending any more money on desalination. The SC Water Department and Soquel Water District have already spent around $12 million of the community's money on implementing a future desal project, and very little on real alternatives. Now is the time to make a correction. It appears the people are saying NO to more desal research, and YES to more water conservation measures.

Chris Krohn, Santa Cruz

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