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Measure P to protect our water future

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/3/12

While the latest "Frankenstorm" pounded the East Coast, this is the first time since 1984 that greenhouse gas, global warming or climate change had not been discussed or even mentioned in the election debate cycle. It seems as if the "Climate Silence" folks have won this round. Even in eco-friendly Santa Cruz, our City Council and Water Department are pushing for a desalination plant that would use large amounts of fossil fuels to solve our possible water problems rather than invest in watershed and reclamation projects that would be sustainable and resilient. Read the Fish and Game report -- they believe we can increase stream flow with habitat restoration and water conservation, rendering the environmentally destructive desal plant unnecessary. Vote yes on Measure P, let us have a say in our water future.

Teetle Clawson, Santa Cruz

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