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Yes on Measure P

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/3/12

The only two arguments that have been put forth against Measure P are:

1) The measure involves too much cost.

2) The City Council would likely allow for a vote on desal by the voters in the future.

First, there has been $14 million spent to merely "investigate" desal's viability. Complaining about the cost of having Measure P on the ballot is almost silly. And what price do you put on democracy?

Second, absolutely no one can predict what a simple majority of the incoming newly elected council members might do regarding desal. The current council passed an ordinance for city residents to be able to vote on desal. An ordinance is NOT a guarantee for future voting rights. Measure P guarantees that no matter who gets elected to the council, you will have the right to vote on desal.

Cherie Bobbe, Aptos

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