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Vote yes on desal's Measure P

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/1/12

Here are two fundamental democratic reasons why voting yes on Measure P makes sense, thereby absolutely guaranteeing Santa Cruz citizens the right to ultimately decide "yes or no" on desalination:

Desalination as currently planned would affect the community unevenly: Water currently serving the Westside community would be shipped elsewhere and replaced by the desal water-treated product, something that might reasonably be viewed as a "pay more, get less" proposition for these people. Seems only fair that they be guaranteed the right to vote on this.

Measure P is consistent with Santa Cruz's tradition of involvement: Santa Cruz has long valued the energy and civic commitment of its citizens, considering them among its strongest community assets. Given this, it is only logical then to guarantee them the right to make their own decision on something as expensive as desal and as important as water.

Vote yes on Measure P.

John Aird, Santa Cruz

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