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Need both desal, conservation

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 10/20/13

I have written often to advise that the Greater Santa Cruz area needs both desal and conservation. And, "Yes, it will cost a lot of money." Few, if any, proponents of conservation stand up and say, "I, personally, will take the responsibility for making all of these ideas work!" It seems always that someone else is going to do it. Implicitly, the desal folks say this. But neither group seems to be aware of California's history. It is not the Golden State. It is, and always has been, the state-without-enough-water state. We have an opportunity to temporarily get ahead of the game by doing both. So let's finish the EIR with a section on the realistic environmental impact of conservation and another section of doing both. And let's expand our horizons well beyond 15 years.

Gregg Ferry, Santa Cruz

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