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No to deep-water desalination, too

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 10/17/13

Even if the plan for a deep sea project is a few miles south of here, I still don't see the need to build a desalination plant. It's ecologically disruptive, incredibly energy-intensive, prohibitively expensive, and we don't need it. Sunday, there was an article about an alternative that would keep us well-hydrated at a fraction of the cost and at no noticeable environmental cost: the Loquifer. You use more of the Loch Lomond's water in the summer to meet our population's needs, relying much less on overdrawn, threatened aquifers, giving the aquifers a chance to be restored before it's too late. By actually using the water in the loch, you make room for winter's rainfall, avoiding runoff into the sea that then gets pumped back and desalinated. I know I'm drawing a cartoon here but the Loquifer concept is sound and we should explore it instead of putting more effort and dollars into another desal scheme.

Erica Aitken, Santa Cruz


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