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Water issues aren't new

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 10/15/12

Santa Cruz's water shortage issues aren't new. We've had 24/7 use restrictions and penalties. Again, we're in crisis, yet sprinklers are still "sprinkling," cars are washed with hoses running. Is it again time for tougher use restrictions? Discussions aren't over how a desalination plant facility's operations will be covered nor the impact on marine life. If passed, startup is four-plus years out. Desal critics amuse Mike Rotkin (Oct. 5 caustic letter -- WOW). Varieties of elected leaders have enjoyed UCSC affiliations including pensions. Did I miss any such folks initiating a study: "Including water use, does UCSC (itself) pay its fair share for infrastructure costs/issues affecting Santa Cruz's well-being? If not: what immediate solutions for parity should be required from UCSC now and going forward?" WOW!

Patti Brady, Pleasure Point

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