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Council needs to think about city

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 10/13/13

The Santa Cruz City Council declined an opportunity to save water customers the $300,000 expense of proceeding with an inadequate EIR last night. The council delayed its decision on whether to finalize the desalination plant EIR.

Don Lane and the majority of the council appear content with continuing this discussion until either the public is so bored of listening to their foderol that we fall asleep, or they are re-elected, whichever comes first. Don Lane had the foresight to prepare two pages of his thoughts, which obfuscated his position to anyone not at the meeting.

A number of council members, led by Don Lane, also expressed an interest in using Santa Cruz ratepayer's money to help Soquel Creek Water District out of a 30-year addiction to overconsumption of groundwater. These council members think their obligation to the Soquel Creek Water District outweighs their fiscal responsibility to city water customers.

Fred Yukic, Santa Cruz

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