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Reset should not be a redo

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 10/13/13

Your editorial on Oct. 10 dismisses years of important work on addressing water supply issues for a majority of county residents by calling for the concession that "desal is dead." Together, the city Water Department and Soquel Creek Water District provide for 138,000 water customers. Your advocating tossing out years of analysis of water supply options to serve over half of our county's population and businesses is unrealistic. We have one water district in an emergency situation with its primary water supply -- groundwater -- and another whose vulnerability has been documented during drought and yet you advocate to dismiss an integrated shared cost approach to mitigating these district's water supply sustainability problems because of "politics, costs and environmental issues." Water is always about these three factors in California. Instead of shrinking away from a potential solution we should continue to examine it for our community.

Donna Meyers, Santa Cruz

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