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Yes on Measure P

Santa Cruz Weekly, 10/9/12

In Mayor Don Lane’s letter of Sept. 25, “Desal Affects All,” he refers to revealing secrets, scrutinizing arguments, making stuff up and incorrectness. Let’s set his record straight.

It remains bewildering how Lane, along with two other serial city council members, continues to lead the charge toward constructing an environmentally-financially risky and “expandable” desal system—without a mandate from voters and water rate payers.

To the exclusion of an array of sustainable, effective, and less costly water supply and management options, Lane voted to authorize $14M toward the development of “desal as the best solution.” Most of this scarce community capital has gone to a retain a stable of desal industry consultants to investigate, plan and promote public acceptance. If built, the $130M-plus regional desal factory would be located on a seven-acre Westside site below the UCSC campus.

Lane also rejected a community-driven request to establish neutral fact-finding arbitration to address desal-related misinformation, factual omissions and inaccuracies.     Furthermore, he opposes the passage of Measure P (“No Desal Without Voter Approval”) on the November ballot.

Paul Gratz

Co-author of Measure P, Santa Cruz

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