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Did writers read the desal series?

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 10/6/12

I was amused to see that the one day after your excellent series with extensive information on the real choices we face with saltwater intrusion and periodic but serious water shortages, the paper is full of letters from people who clearly did not read the series. Three focus on "wastewater harvesting" ignoring not only the extreme cost of building a distribution system in a built-out community, or the limited value of rainwater harvesting in drought conditions, but the simple fact that using wastewater for domestic purposes is illegal in California.

Two others focus on growth, when, as the series made very clear, we face serious drought threat now, whether or not the city grows by one person or UCSC by another student. And finally: someone promoting Measure P, when the citizens' right to vote on desalination has already been guaranteed no matter how one votes on Measure P. Wow!

Mike Rotkin, Santa Cruz


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