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Dealing with desal

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 10/4/12

In the '50s I was told to conserve water because there was not enough. Over 60 years has gone by and the patter is the same, but building development continues!

This ongoing patter is confusing, but I think the following should happen: if desalination is approved, existing residents should not be required to pay the price. The price for desalination must be paid for by the people that want to continue developments that expand the population.

Existing residents must be grandfathered in at current rates. There needs to be discount rates for low-income households. New water meters need to be limited and issued at rates that will help pay for the creation of the water they will use.

Water shortage is a symptom of over-population. UC Santa Cruz expansion adds to the problem. UCSC must assign their best minds to find water!

Howard Spruit, Santa Cruz


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