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We are not paying too much for our water

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 10/1/14 

After reading about the complaints regarding water rates, I looked at my bill and separated the cost of each service, sewage, garbage/recycle, and water, and found that I don't feel over charged for any of these services. I was especially surprised that clean water delivered to my home was the least of the charges. Yes, my front lawn is dead, and we are thoughtful about how we use water, but nothing to the extreme. I am very grateful for the services the city provides. Not having enough water is not the only major problem facing Santa Cruz. I love living in this city with the college students, but there should be some limit. It's shameful that many young families have to leave their hometown because of the cost of housing and low paying jobs. They deserve our support also. Is the city doing anything for them, if so what?

Dottie Ferrara, Santa Cruz

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