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Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/28/11

Desal debate would be good

Letters by Kaiser and Rotkin on Sept. 27 complement each other. As far as Kaiser's goes, opponents to desalination stand ready to sit at the table with Santa Cruz anytime they will let us. For now, we remain at arm's length, required to submit our questions on paper to be filtered before there is a response. True debate could occur at such a table, and rhetoric such as how brine will be returned at the "exact" salinity of the ocean could be questioned. Furthermore, water transfer proponents did not explicitly say transfer is not a desalination alternative. They said, "This water transfer scheme would not eliminate the need for the proposed desalination plant or some other significant source of supplemental water in conjunction with continued conservation efforts." Opponents of desalination don't question the fact that any alternative will be expensive. We are simply asking that Santa Cruz provide a current financial comparison of the alternatives.

Jim Bentley, Santa Cruz

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