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Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/27/11

People in glass houses ...

How ironic that two letters last week concerned about possible misinformation given attendees at a briefing on our community's serious water situation, manage, themselves, to restate demonstrably false information about desalination and its alternatives. Letter one says "no solution has been found to eliminate or even lessen the harm to sea life caused by the daily dumping of millions of gallons of highly concentrated salty brine in the ocean." Our plant would mix the brine with wastewater and return it at the exact salinity of the ocean. Letter two, among other misleading claims, offers a "water transfer" alternative whose proponents have explicitly said is not a desalination alternative. It also raises alarms because desalination will cost more than current water sources. When necessary resources get scarce, they cost more to produce. Every potential source of water in a drought will cost more than water when it is plentiful.

Mike Rotkin, Santa Cruz

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