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Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/27/11

Desal discussion needs to end

It appears that the time for discovery and discourse regarding the proposed Santa Cruz desal plant or any potential alternatives is over. There is no real need to ask any questions since it seems that we already know the answers, or at least know what answers we want to hear see Teetle Clawson's letter in the Sentinel, Sept. 23. Returning to Santa Cruz after a prolonged absence, my observation is that this subject has fully polarized those still involved in the process. This has left the realm of being discourse and now seems to be a running battle with each side lobbing statements laced with misinformation back and forth over the fence. The issue of water here in Santa Cruz County, and now the proposed desal solution, has been a point of discussion for many years. Specific conditions and demands on the available water may change with time, but natural cycles in the water supply will be the ultimate test of our ability to successfully adapt to life in this region. The fact still remains that without some significant change to the status quo, human demand for water will again outstrip the supply. I, for one, would like to participate in some intelligent discussion about the water situation in Santa Cruz County rather than be subjected to the rhetoric-charged banter that seems to pass for debate on this subject. Anyone else?

Rick Kaiser, Santa Cruz

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