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Wet Mess

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/26/13

After attending the recent Desal Alternative meeting at the Circle Church last Thursday, it became very clear what the real problem of our “water crisis” is.

According to former employees of our Water Department and other experts, we have many abundant and sustainable sources of water. The first half of the “problem” is an antiquated, backward and disorganized mess of conflicting water resource rights and misplaced reference maps that could be resolved by some constructive meetings of the principle municipal, state and federal water rights stake holders. The other half of the “problem” is those in positions of power making really bad choices like funding millions of our tax dollars to write badly flawed, prejudicial “studies” promoting the construction of a Desalination Plant instead of building a pipeline that would carry recycled waste water from the waste treatment plant to golf courses, public parks and recreation areas. Now that we understand what the real problem is, maybe we can work together as a community to clean up this mess and have a sustainable resource for ourselves and future generations.

Drew Lewis

Santa Cruz

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