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Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/24/11

Look at desal alternatives

Although I've been retired from civil engineering for more than 20 years, my professional association with water matters since 1948 has led me to write you about my serious concerns about the desalination project currently being contemplated. The principal difficulty with this project to desalinate seawater for domestic use is that the cost appears exorbitant as, in my acquaintance with the art, high costs have been involved with practically all other such projects. Another lesser concern is the increase in global warming caused by the project's high energy use. As to other sources of additional supply, it appears that a small reservoir in the Zayante dam site area could provide the same amount of water at a much lower cost. Has this been looked into? If not, why not, and shouldn't it now be examined before becoming committed to a desalination alternative?

William Hudson, Santa Cruz

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