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Desalination In Australia – And Here!

Gary Patton, KUSP, Land Use Report

Wednesday, 9/1813

Last night, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom hosted an informative panel discussion about some things that local communities can do, and should do, to combat global warming and climate change.

Tomorrow night, Conner Everts is going to be making a presentation about something that he thinks local communities should not do, if they would like to take steps to reduce global warming. In Mr. Everts’ view, communities should not build a desalination plant to meet local water supply needs. Everts’ presentation will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday night, September 19th, at the Circle Church, located at 111 Errett Circle in Santa Cruz. The presentation is being sponsored by Desal Alternatives.

Conner Everts counts as an expert. He is not only the Executive Director of the Southern California Watershed Alliance; he is also chair of Public Officials for Water and Environmental Reform (POWER), which holds an extremely well regarded water policy conference each year. He will be reporting on his recent fact-finding trip to Australia, where a severe and extended drought has inspired innovative efforts to improve water use efficiency, and where six new desalination plants sit idle, because it turns out that they weren’t needed, when effective conservation techniques were implemented

This should be a presentation worth attending!

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