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Yes on Measure P

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/14/12

The Santa Cruz City Council has mishandled the Warriors arena project. The council adjourned its public hearing on Tuesday, to go into a litigation session, because the council has been ignoring legal and financial issues that members of the public have been raising since May. It now appears that the city may be sued [probably successfully] by either the neighbors, the Warriors, or by both.

This example illustrates why voters should vote yes on Measure P on the November ballot. Measure P guarantees the right of the voters to make the final decision on desalination. The Warriors deal puts $4 million to $5 million of city funds at risk. Constructing a desalination plant puts more than $116 million at risk.

I have confidence that city voters can make the right decision on desalination. We shouldn't delegate that decision to the council. Please vote yes on Measure P in November.

Gary Patton, Santa Cruz

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