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Desal alternatives deserve attention

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/10/13

In an April column, Bill Smallman, a director of the Lompico Water District, made several eminently reasonable suggestions as alternatives to desalination. Just a sample were winter diversion from the San Lorenzo River to settling basins and reservoirs, and use of the rail line as a utility conduit for water to Soquel and South County. In vain I've waited to see anyone address his proposals. Now that desalination is at least temporarily defunct, I think it's time to dust off his ideas and have a joint and collaborative discussion among every water stakeholder in the county -- the five supervisors, the four incorporated cities, and the several water districts. Perhaps a broader discussion could get us beyond the narrowness and filter of our own reality tunnels. Details on Smallman's ideas can be found at

Doug Urbanus, Ben Lomond

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