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Hold Soquel Creek Water directors accountable

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/8/14

Has anyone noticed that over the last few years that the Soquel Creek Water District has approved high density housing and condominiums/townhouses in the Aptos area and numerous other buildings in district?

These errant decisions have caused a greater demand on our overdrafted ground water supply.

The SCWD knew that we were and are in the midst of a drought cycle.They should be held accountable for their negligent decisions regarding the increased demand on our water supply they are put in charge of to carefully monitor.

Who is going to pay for their mistakes? Will it be the new customers they approved, the board themselves or the long time customers of SCWD?

Why did the SCWD approve these new customers? The truth is obvious, if they are willing to see it.

Sean Crowley, Aptos

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