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Poor management to blame for water rate hikes

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/7/14

Santa Cruz residents please oppose the proposed 60 percent water increase by mailing a signed protest letter to the Santa Cruz City Council. The city states they need the increase to pay for five water upgrade projects, none of which will increase current capacity. All of these projects are to repair current infrastructure, the cost of which should have been covered by our current and past water fees.

Some of these projects involve systems that are over 100 years old so management was fully aware that some day they would have to be repaired; yet, they never created a reserve fund in their annual budget to repair or replace these systems? That is bad fiscal management and now they want us to bail them out.

How about we re-direct the $400,000 we subsidize the De Laveaga golf course and use that money to pay for these repairs? Is the golf course going to be hit with this 60 percent rate increase? If so, does that mean the golf course will lose $500,000 a year? Please visit

Greg Julien, Santa Cruz

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