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Mid-County's groundwater crisis

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/6/13

I appreciate your recent editorial to publicize groundwater threats in the Soquel Creek Water District.

Deficit water use in Mid-County started 30 years ago with groundwater pumping withdrawals larger than rainwater deposits. Despite our heroic conservation efforts, deficits still continue today. Experts agree deficits must be reversed and groundwater restored or else seawater will invade our groundwater supplies.

This is no theoretical threat in the future. There is already active seawater invasion to our east under Seascape and La Selva and also to the west under the city's Live Oak area.

Doing nothing is not sustainable since it eventually leads to all wells rendered unusable by saltwater pollution. This do-nothing path has been labeled by some as the "drink saltwater and die" option.

Today, we all must question the necessity of every drop of water we use. For tomorrow, we must together find more ways to protect and restore our groundwater.

Bruce Daniels, Capitola

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