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Water rate increase is too much

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/4/14

I urge everyone to protest the humongous water rate increases proposed by the City of Santa Cruz. They want a 10 percent increase each year for the next five years that accumulates to 60 percent over the current rates. The justification for such a massive increase is a pastiche of reasons that include a drop in water consumption that has reduced income. This is a valid reason for a small part of the increase. But then they throw in infrastructure improvements' costs over the next five years, without specifying what will be financed by bonds versus pay-as-you-go operating funds. Also, they fail to mention the need to recover the $7 million squandered on the desalination pipe dream.

A one year rate increase seems reasonable to give them time to spell out precisely how subsequent increases will be spent. Protest must be submitted in writing to the mayor by snail mail, with customer address and signature, before Sept. 23.

Aldo Giacchino, Santa Cruz



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