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Santa Cruz Sentinel, 9/1/11

Water districts must study alternatives

Two former mayors, Mathews and Rotkin, contend in their Sunday piece that, "More conservation, surface water transfers and desalination are all potential solutions that should be pursued." Yet, if you follow the money, it is obvious that the Santa Cruz and Soquel water districts are putting the overwhelming majority of the money on studying desalination with only scant attention being given to the many other alternatives. The water districts need to get serious about giving the alternatives as much study, as much funding and as much public visibility as they are giving to their preconceived solution, which is desalination. The water districts' customers are being shortchanged by the full court press on the part of politicians who want us to buy their foregone conclusions that only their mega bucks, overreaching desal project meets our needs and that our needs cannot be reduced further.

Aldo Giacchino, Santa Cruz

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