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Community at crossroads

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 8/26/13

Arriving at a crossroads, Santa Cruz has elected to not pursue voter approval in 2014 for the Regional Water Desalination Project. This decision, driven by negative public sentiment, pumps the brakes on a project identified as the most viable supplemental supply option. While the city says "... to not assume desal is dead ...," this decision begs the question:

Where do we go from here?

For decades, officials have analyzed our options. That analysis brought us to the doorstep of desalination. Will more discussion deliver new solutions, or lead us back to this point?

What about the city's partner in this? Soquel Creek Water District desperately needs a supplemental supply to protect their over-pumped aquifer. Without a near-term solution, a moratorium on new development is likely -- a move that would have devastating economic implications.

Backed by (un)popular demand, our community has arrived at a crossroads. On behalf of the Santa Cruz County Business Council, we hope to work with our local officials to identify which direction to take.

Joe Foster, Freedom

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