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Desal postponement changes nothing

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 8/26/13

The announcement this week that the city of Santa Cruz will not pursue voter approval in 2014 for the Regional Water Desalination Project leaves our community in a precarious position. A great deal of recent discourse has centered on the environmental aspects of this project, while the economic implications have been largely overlooked.

The city still faces the potential for a water and subsequent economic crisis should future shortage projections be realized. The city's partner in this effort, Soquel Creek Water District, is in more immediate danger. Due to the fragile state of their aquifer, water rationing and a moratorium seem inevitable. Businesses in our community have become much more energy efficient and environmentally aware. But without sufficient water, even the most conscientious new and established businesses will suffer.

Postponement of the desal vote changes nothing -- we still need real, immediate solutions regarding our water supply. The Business Council would like to work with both the city and the district to develop and build consensus for solutions going forward.

Bob Murphy, Scotts Valley

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