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Why continue funding desalination EIR?

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 8/26/13

I can understand why people running for re-election soon on the City Council and those who wish to help Jr. Coonerty's ascension to his daddy's county supervisor position would like to hide any trace of their involvement in approving the desal process and its waste of $15 million of ratepayers' money. What doesn't make any sense is if they want to put this on the back burner, why are they willing to throw hundreds of thousands of dollars more down the same rat hole by continuing to fund the EIR and have to defend it against certain challenges in expensive court proceedings.

These politicians already need to be held accountable for what is likely the biggest waste of funds in city history. It is incredible that they paid a consultant hundreds of thousands of dollars for advice on choices for our water future when that consultant stood to gain much more if their product, desal, was chosen. Not surprisingly, the consultant convinced the City Council that other measures such as water recycling for irrigation, storm-water collection, water banking in the aquifers, and many other alternatives widely and successfully practiced elsewhere in our state somehow could not work here. To continue wasting more money after finally realizing that this project cannot pass muster with the voters is completely inexcusable.

The people have overwhelmingly expressed their desire to vote on desal and not to have it hidden from view until the promoters feel the time may be more opportune.

Fred Geiger, Santa Cruz

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