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Thinking Ahead On Desalination Rules

KUSP, Gary Patton, Land Use Report, Friday, August 23, 2013

Let me end this week the way I began it, with an advance notice about an upcoming state workshop focused on the rules that will apply to future desalination projects. The workshop is going to be held in Sacramento next Wednesday, August 28th, but the Department of Water Resources, which is conducting the workshop session, will make it possible for interested persons to participate by a combination of telephone and online technologies.

Proposed desalination projects are on the “front burner” on both sides of Monterey Bay, and I know from personal conversations with people at the State Water Resources Control Board that state policymakers are taking very seriously the need to provide new sources of freshwater along the California Central Coast. Clearly, the state wants to make sure that climate change and future growth don’t overwhelm already scarce water resources. Desalination has its downsides, but it has its “upsides,” too, at least as the state sees our current situation.

I really hope that those involved in the desalination debates going on in both Monterey and Santa Cruz County will consider finding out more about the state’s efforts. While “local control” is perhaps the basic rule where land use, transportation, and water are concerned, state regulations do, ultimately, “trump” local efforts. There is more information at

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