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Clock ticking on water conservation solution

As You See It - By Contributors, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 8/22/13

It took me (and most of the City Council) more than 20 years to move from being an opponent to a proponent of desalination. We started by implementing conservation programs and succeeded in becoming one of the lowest water users in the state -- at about half the average per capita use. Today, there is room for more conservation, but programs will have diminishing results.

Then we exhausted the many alternatives we examined, all of them being infeasible, insufficient, or far more expensive or environmentally destructive than desalination. None of the current alternatives being proposed by desal opponents overcomes those problems.

I just hope it doesn't take another 20 years for the community as a whole to realize how serious the drought threat to our community is and how limited our options for addressing it are. We almost certainly don't have that much time. Soquel Creek has already run out of time.

Mike Rotkin, Santa Cruz

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