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The only drought is a leadership drought

As You See It - By Contributors, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 8/22/13

After wasting $17 million, city officials now want to re-engage the public by backing off on their promised desal vote in 2014.

Mayor Bryant says "pulling the plug on a 2014 vote is not designed to keep desal from being a divisive issue during the November 2014 council race." A classical political tactic in which the main point is adeptly stated, but opposite of the proponents' true motivation.

"We need to take in all the feedback that we've been getting, and say, 'Here's the problem and what are we collectively going to do about it?' " A statement conveying what the city never did for two decades and has no intention of doing now.

Will this backfire if "delayed" desal remains a contentious topic for candidates running for the Board of Supervisors and City Council? In trying to dodge desal, politicians will out themselves as the election certainly will revolve around transparency, trust-building and accountability.

Paul Gratz, Santa Cruz

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