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Multiple Groups Address Santa Cruz Water Challenges
Santa Cruz Desal Alternatives will propose strategies at tonight’s city water commission meeting.

By Linda Covella,
Santa Cruz Patch, 8/22/11

Santa Cruz Desal Alternatives is spearheading a Plan B effort to find long-term solutions to Santa Cruz’s water concerns.

Along with Surfrider Foundation, Ecological Landscaping Association and other community groups, Santa Cruz Desal Alternatives has come up with a plan that will be presented to the City of Santa Cruz Water Commission Monday night.

The “desal alternative” groups feel they have significant and logical reasons to reconsider the 2003 council decision to pursue seawater desalination.

According to Desal Alternatives representatives, water demand in Santa Cruz has dropped 30 percent since 2000. Additionally, they state the cost of constructing the regional desal plant have quadrupled to $140 million plus interest.

The group will propose strategies for a five-year water management plan. One aspect of the organization's recommendations—investigating water transfers between districts—has already been approved by the council, according to Desal Alternatives.

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

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