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Carbon Neutrality/That Fracking Hearing

Gary Patton, Land Use Report, KUSP, Thursday, August 15, 2013

This morning, the California Coastal Commission is meeting at the Santa Cruz County Governmental Center. The meeting will be held in the Board of Supervisors Chambers, located on the Fifth Floor at 701 Ocean Street. Among other issues, the Commission is expected to discuss the use of fracking techniques to develop offshore oil resources. Those who attend the Commission meeting will almost certainly be given an opportunity to speak, so think about heading over to the Governmental Center this morning, to speak out or just to listen.

And let me tell you about another meeting you might want to attend. This meeting is also being held today, but this time during the evening hours. The meeting will take place at the Quaker Meetinghouse, located at 225 Rooney Street in Santa Cruz. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m., and is sponsored by Desal Alternatives. The program this evening will focus on the “Myth & Reality of Carbon Offsets.” That topic does relate to the proposed use of electrical energy to create fresh water out of seawater, but the topic is actually broader, with reliance on so-called carbon “offsets” being proposed as a key way to address global warming. Presenters are Barbara Haya, a Ph.D from the Stanford Environmental Law Clinic, and Kathleen McAfee, also a Ph.D, who is an Associate Professor of International Relations at San Francisco State University. There is more information at

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