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Replacing Bill Kocher

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 8/12/13

In the Sentinel story on Bill Kocher, director of the Santa Cruz Water Department retiring effective in September, it says Kocher "told City Manager Martín Bernal more than a year ago he intended to retire at 65. His birthday was in July." Strange that his impending retirement has been known for a year yet never mentioned in the plentiful recent coverage of desal issues.

Be that as it may, Kocher's retirement is good news.

In Kocher's 27 years as director he failed to develop and implement a viable plan to deal with Santa Cruz regional water challenges. It's not that hard to develop solutions that don't involve a super expensive, energy-guzzling, greenhouse gas-spewing desal plant. Many alternatives are available such as water transfers between water districts, recycled water for landscaping and agriculture, water neutral growth policies and more.

We need the City Council to replace Kocher, who was simultaneously a director of CalDesal, an industry group promoting desal, with a person open to implementing better solutions.

Steve Newman, Santa Cruz

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