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Weigh fairly

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 7/15/13

The proposal in desalination's draft EIR, for dilution of sea-bound brine waste with treated wastewater, in millions of gallons, needs to be more accurately addressed as taking away from potential other uses of that amount of treated wastewater to lower water consumption without desalination. This should include environmental and financial costs of desalination's diversion of recycled water otherwise available for lowering large, non-farm irrigation applications presently consuming fully treated water resources.

UC Santa Cruz suggests ways to offset their proposed increasing of water consumption from proposed enrollment expansion. The draft EIR is insufficient by not addressing what those countywide proposed offsets would result in water savings if those measures were implemented countywide, without the campus/student expansion, and without desalination. How much water could be saved implementing the "offset" proposals of UCSC in Santa Cruz overall, by implementing them without increased student enrollment?





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