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Cutting back water use harder than believed

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 7/14/12

A recent Sentinel described Soquel Creek Water District's concerns about their failure to meet the targeted 5 percent reduction in water use during this drought year. Not only did household use not go down, it actually increased by 3 percent in May and by 4 percent in June! Customers of the Santa Cruz Water Department are not hitting the current stage one drought targeted 5 percent water reductions either. In fact water usage in this district is also up over last year also. This is just a mild drought year, with 70 percent of average rainfall. We are asked to conserve at the lowest level, a mere 5 percent, and we are not even achieving that modest reduction. While residents have achieved impressive levels of conservation in the past, it's unrealistic to expect that our future long-term water needs and drought protection can be achieved simply by conservation. This season's experience clearly indicates it's harder than people think it will be.


Carol Fuller, Santa Cruz

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