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Utility infrastructure everywhere

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 7/13/13

In your recent article, "Pumped up: Westsiders upset over proposed desal facilities," an individual is quoted as saying the following about the proposed locations of desalination facility pump stations: "Clearly, these are industrial facilities that are not appropriate in residential neighborhoods..."

To respond to the odd characterization of urban infrastructure as being objectionable, or inappropriate to residential areas, I think it should be obvious that infrastructure for water, electricity, natural gas, communications, sewage, fire protection, and transportation are integral parts of neighborhoods. These kinds of civil engineering are crucial aspects of civil society. My house is part of a larger infrastructure network and is served with water, gas, electricity, telephone and Internet, sewer and trash service. It is connected to a public street for transportation access. I deeply appreciate those who have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to develop the technology needed to support our lives.

Renée Flower, Santa Cruz


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