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Coming Soon: New State Desal Rules

Gary Patton, KUSP, 7/9/14

Desalination proposals are being considered all around the Monterey Bay Region. There are lots of reasons to be concerned. Desalination usually costs more than other alternatives for providing an augmented water supply. The energy impacts of desalination are also significant, at a time when we should be cautious about projects that will likely mean the release of more global warming gasses to the atmosphere. Finally, ocean desalination can have really big impacts on our marine environment.

For those who would like to dive into the issues with respect to the marine environment, let me tell you about some upcoming rule-making procedures that may affect future ocean desalination projects. The State Water Resources Control Board, which has authority over both water supply and water quality, is now considering some new rules for ocean desalination. Relevant links can be found at

There is going to be a hearing on the proposed new regulations, which would be enacted as amendments to the California Ocean Plan. The hearing is scheduled for August 6th in Sacramento. Written comments will also be considered.

I encourage listeners who care about desalination and its land use implications to join forces with those whose major focus is on the need to protect our marine environment. It’s important that the State Board get it right. Our Sanctuary is always at risk.

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