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June 30 editorial flawed

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 7/5/13

Your June 30 editorial comparing Santa Cruz's current consideration of desalination with San Diego's seemed from almost any perspective fundamentally flawed. We have 300 percent more annual rainfall than San Diego with a population only 4 percent of its size. Most of our rainfall is not captured for use, but simply runs off into the ocean. Not there. They have military bases, "a booming business sector" and an apparent unquenchable appetite for growth. Quite different from our situation where the community ethic is overwhelmingly for quality of life and environmental sustainability.

Bottom line, the only seemingly relevant similarities between the two are that both proposals are energy intensive and wasteful, represent an environmental threat to "fish, ocean organisms and ocean plants," and would support more growth and "development". Thankfully however, there's one more big difference: In Santa Cruz, the ultimate decision will be made by its citizens.

John C. Aird, Santa Cruz


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