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Lack of transparency on pump stations

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 7/5/13

Thank God the Sentinel wrote an article detailing the potential site locations for the desalination pump stations in the city; otherwise, I would have never learned that I live within three blocks of three potential sites. It's outrageous the city has made little effort to make the neighbors aware of these sites.

Now, I have noticed that the city has posted very small notification signs at these sites describing the desal plant, but the language of the signs is very ambiguous and clearly does not state the building of a pump station at the site.

When I was planning a house remodel I was required to post a sign showing my proposed design and mailers were sent to all my neighbors announcing my plans. Why wasn't this done for the pump stations? Shouldn't the size of these signs be proportional to the size and impact of the proposed project? Why the lack of transparency other than to keep people uninformed in hopes of passing this environmental disaster?

Greg Julien, Santa Cruz

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