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Let's put heads together for county water solution

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 7/1/14

Why do we need a desalination plant to fix our water problem in Santa Cruz County? With all of our environmentalists in this county, how can this be their best alternative? I'm not even trying hard but can come up with a few better ways to save water and improve our community at the same time. Why do we need an eyesore on our coast that will increase our cost of water? Why don't we take the two quarries at the old Cemex plant and make them into reservoirs? We could do the same thing in Scotts Valley at the old quarry. This would help with water for our community along with giving us more places for us to fish and swim with our families? With all those smart people at UCSC, why don't they take their old quarry and save water there for their campus? Why not run a big pipe along our railroad tracks and allow water to run into the pipe all across our county? This seems to logical to me.

John Hadley Jr., Santa Cruz



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