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Santa Cruz Sentinel, 7/1/11

Flush desal plan down the toilet

Jerry Bair deserves our attention when his letter points out the foolishness of desalination as a solution for our water problems. The United States Navy has been using desal in its ships for more than 100 years, but they have never used that expensive water for anything but drinking, food preparation and personal hygiene. Seawater is used for scrubbing decks and flushing toilets. In most homes, more water is used to flush toilets than for any other purpose. Can the proponents of desal tell us just how they would go about providing two separate water supplies to people's homes?
Mr. Bair goes on to suggest the most reasonable solution for the problem and that is to build the small dam on Zayante Creek that was planned 44 years ago. How long must we tolerate the ravings of crazy environmentalists? Aren't they satisfied with crazy global warming?

Howard Mauthe, Watsonville

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